The photograph suggests that our image of reality is made up of images. It makes explicit the dominion of mediation.
— Andy Grundberg, The Crisis of the Real
Interference  (Installation) 2018 100 7x5in. images on clear acrylic; gold leaf paint; wood shelves

Interference (Installation) 2018
100 7x5in. images on clear acrylic; gold leaf paint; wood shelves


Interference documents the first 100 days of the administration of the 45th President of the United States through the medium of a television screen. The significance of the first 100 days of a presidency is debated, but historically has been used to gauge the future course of an administration. American exceptionalism has dominated the world stage for the last 70 years, backed by the world’s most advanced military. The course set by an American administration is closely watched in the global stage because its effects will ripple through every continent.

Photography has documented significant human events for almost two centuries, including scientific discoveries, distant galaxies, and human conflict. Photography is intrinsically linked to history, evidence, objectivity and truth - despite evidence to the contrary. How can photography be used to record events in the age of alternative facts and fake news?

In an effort to further abstract the news, a film camera with a distorting wide-angle lens recorded the daily news. The film was developed, scanned, and edited. The image metamorphoses from one medium into another - internet, tv screen, film, scanner, computer software. The technology interferes with each other, creating Moiré patterns: interference that appears when similar patterns are overlaid but slightly displaced.

The images in Interference record distortions and unwanted artifacts that show the breakdown of information being translated through electronic devices. Each manipulation interferes with each other to distort any original meaning and confuse a final resolution.