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Art + summer = workshops!

Gearing up for another amazing workshop season at Anderson Ranch! In addition to assisting amazing artists (Parke-Harrisons! Mark Klett! Arno Rafael Minkkinen! and more) I am looking forward to teaching three amazing workshops.

Jun 03, 2013- Jun 07, 2013: Photoshop for Artists: this workshop is for anyone who wants to incorporate images into their work, take more advanced workshops, create designs, collages, etc. Ideal for people who love to work in different media and explore possibilities. http://www.andersonranch.org/workshops/courses/details/index.php?page=photography&id=3854

Aug 26, 2013- Aug 30, 2013: Environmental Portraiture with Nora Feller: Co-teaching with extraordinary portrait photographer Nora Feller: expect lots of experience in the studio and in the field. We are planning shoots in hotels, restaurants, and even with firefighters! Learn to use available lighting, studio lighting and how to customize your resources, and how to talk to people to get the expressions you want. http://www.andersonranch.org/workshops/courses/details/index.php?page=photography&id=3880

Sep 09, 2013- Sep 20, 2013: The Road Not Taken: a new approach to photographing: This will be a life-changing experience. Inspired by the environment, people and road trips, David Hilliard leads students to break creative boundaries. I support image editing and creating unique prints. David is a Ranch favorite and together we guarantee learning and laughing. http://www.andersonranch.org/workshops/courses/details/index.php?page=photography&id=3881

Summer workshops at Anderson Ranch area full, hands on learning experience in a creative and supportive environment.

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